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IAL Filler Treatment

Q. What is IAL filler?
IAL is composed of natural hyaluronic acid with same properties as present in the skin. It is a totally biocompatible product that improves the hydration and elasticity of the skin for a real rejuvenation of the face.
Q. What does IAL do?
A. It aims to increase the levels of hyaluronic acid in the skin to near adulthood levels
Q. What indications is IAL system used for?
  • fine lines
  • ageing neck
  • ageing of back of hand
  • basic treatment for dry, wrinkly skin
  • skin aged by excessive exposure to sunlight
  • loss of elasticity of skin
Q. What are the visible effects of IAL biovitalisation?
A. It brings about the following changes in skin-

  • provides adequate moisture content-thus making skin look fresh, supple and well hydrated
  • improves skin elasticity
  • provides corrective action of facial fine lines
  • prevents wrinkle formation with long term treatment
  • provides antioxidant action
Q. How is Ial different from Botolinum Toxin A?
IAL rejuvenates the skin by bringing back the moisture, elasticity and freshness and itspreads through out the skin whereas botolinum toxin A functions by relaxing the muscles in a particular region. Botolinum Toxin A is used mainly for expression lines due to excessive muscle movements eg .forehead lines, crow's feet
Q. How long the treatment take?
A. 15 minutes
Q. What is the Treatment schedule?
The most common used treatment regimen is a 45 day course which comprises of one IAL system treatment at day 0 and two consecutive treatments of IAL system ACP at day 15 and day 45 respectively.
Q. Will it show results immediately after the treatment?
Your skin will become softer, look more supple and rehydrated within 24-28 hours of taking the first treatment with IAL system. Best results will be seen after the entire 45 day course is completed.