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Radio Frequency for Mole/Skin Lesion Removaly

Mole and skin tag removals are necessary procedures, but do not need to leave noticeable scars and cause great discomfort. Radiofrequency surgery uses high-frequency energy to make cosmetic-enhancing incisions and offers many advantages.

Healing is rapid and virtually bloodless with little or no bruising or swelling. When radio waves are used instead of scalpel or laser, only the cells immediately adjacent to the wire electrode are affected. This results in less bleeding than scalpel and a more comfortable recovery than lasers.

Scarring is often minimized or eliminated.

Radiofrequency procedures are effective on many types of skin lesions, including: age spots, moles and raised lesions, skin tags, small red facial veins, warts, sun damaged skin, and skin surface irregularities.

At LuthraSkin Clinic, all these problems can be cured in one sitting with the help of latest and innovative RADIO FREQUENCY MACHINE. This machine removes the unwanted mole, skin tags, sun spots, warts without any scarring and with no or very minimal bleeding.
Q. What is the mechanism of action of Radiofrequency Surgery?
Cells are made up of carbohydrate, protein, lipids and nucleic acids, which in turn contain atoms made of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and other elementary atoms. These atoms in turn contain proton, neutron and electrons.

Target of radiosurgery is the electrons of these atoms. Radiosurgery targets these electrons by its own electrons vibrating above 3.8 million cycles per second. These vibrating electrons leads to heating of tissue and vaporization of the target atoms and in turn the cells containing them.
Q. How different is from electrocautery?
Unlike the electrocautery wherein the electrode becomes red hot, in radiosurgery the heat is generated by electron in tissues but the electrode remains cold.
Q. How much time does it take for the skin to heal after Radiosurgery?
A. Approx 5-7 days