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Q. What is Teledermatology?
The use of telecommunications technology for the diagnosis and consultative treatment of skin diseases. With this, dermatologists are able to reach out to patients in need of care from thousands of miles away- distance is not a barrier to treatment. Using teledermatology makes it possible for a patient to receive treatment from a dermatologist within only a few hours or days, instead of having to wait several weeks or months. Another benefit of using teledermatology is efficiency - it allows dermatologists to treat more patients in less time.
Q. What are the ways to be in touch with Doctor at Dr.Sachin Luthra?
One teledermatology method is to participate in a live online interactive treatment session with the patient (Skype, web camera, computer with internet connection). Another way is through email. The dermatologist views a high-resolution image sent to their email, usually by the patient's primary care physician. In many cases, the doctor can view the patient's ailment and give a diagnosis for treatment,then prescribe medication to the patient. All of this can happen without the necessity of a face-to-face visit. Additionally, the dermatologist can give a consultation through email or phone.
Q. What is the advantage of Teledermatology?
Teledermatology is very beneficial because a patient can begin treatment much sooner and be on their way to better health. Without teledermatology, unfortunately for many patients, the ability to see a dermatologist face-to-face usually involves having an appointment date in the far future, a long wait time in a doctor’s office, or not at all due to travel issues from home to the doctor's office
Q. How do I pay the Doctor for Teledermatology Consultation?
A. Consultation fees can be paid through bank transfer. Bank Account number will be forwarded to you by email.
Q. What are the keys to send good photo images to doctor at Dr.Sachin Luthra?
  • Take photo at least 8 inches from thesubject
  • Use neutral background
  • Take multiple images
  • Take photo of larger area of the body if there is a generalized dermatosis
  • Photo